Freedom now smells like tear gas, feels like rubber bullets

Always good to see the United States on the side of freedom and change. Nearly 30 years of rule by “emergency decree” and grooming your son to replace you does seem pretty democratic, if by democratic you mean Feudal.

The Obama Administration sure sounds a lot like the Carter Administration, right Joe Biden?

I wouldn’t refer to him as a dictator

Of course not, he’s our “friend”, just because he meets the definition, its no reason to go around truthfully labeling people.

Thankfully for Mubarak, like any leader of a “free” country, he can shut down the internet, have the country go dark and do really democratic stuff like this:

On Wednesday, the interior ministry declared all demonstrations illegal and the police moved in quickly to break up any gatherings

But all that well-spent American aid the last thirty plus years has really paid dividends for the people of Egypt.

The vast majority of Egyptians are too busy scratching a living to join the protests. There is widespread anger and disillusionment with the government, but there are probably not more than a few thousand people actively expressing their anger. That will give some reassurance to the government.

So, mission still possibly accomplished.

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