FoxNews will show us how to Memorialize stuff — you keep it tasteful and timely!

pic via Aaron Bassett at

FoxNews fresh off telling us what is and isn’t appropriate at Memorials because that’s all they got, is going to show us all how remembrances are done.

Coming this Martin Luther King, Jr. Day they’re doing the totally appropriate thing.

Bringing civil rights pioneers Sean Hannity and Sarah Palin together to talk about how awesome both guns and metaphors about aiming them at their political opponents can be. How could King possibly have disapproved? Why, they’re even going to do it LIVE without commercial breaks for Goldline and Brink’s Home Security getting in the way.

Damn, I was sort of hoping they would, as usual, tastefully save all the blood libel talk for Passover…I guess we can still hope.

…oh, and somewhat on this subject…THIS as brought forth by Lawrence O’Donnell last night is straight out of 1930s Munich…except it is modern San Diego.

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