Forgive me my delicate sensibilities

In a middle-aged person’s lifetime we Democrats have managed to see, just to point out a few things, two Kennedy Brothers and Martin Luther King, Jr. assassinated, the murders of several physicians who performed abortions, and now this. A little fact that makes it rather understandable some of us have a problem, not with the Second Amendment as written, but rather the unhealthy obsessive love affair too many people have with it. It’s a legal document, not your mother/binky/savior/God/manhood.

Michael Moore made a trenchant point about this seeming fetish with “bullet” fashion that applies to its most notable current adherent Sarah Palin:

I think it would be safe to say we’d also immediately see irrational blog posts and tweets from many on the right with overblown responses favoring crushing every available Constitutional right and privilege…except the Second Amendment, of course.

So I guess it would be another day ending in “Y”.

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