But of course…

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I admit, I didn’t watch the “reading” of 3/5ths or so of the Constitution yesterday, as I was busy doing more exciting things, like not watching people read the Constitution. But considering their self-proclaimed advocacy of the project one might have been surprised to learn:

Did anyone else notice that GOP Reps. Michele Bachmann and Steve King — both Tea Party chieftains who routinely wrap themselves and their policy preferences in the Constitution — were conspicuously absent from today’s reading?

Until one considers even the Republican Leadership realizes it would prefer things be read by those that can read. [Yeah, no one saw that line coming]

That’s not to say, Steve King wasn’t busy doing his usual intellectual dumpster diving.

“You find the baby that was not born in a hospital or with a midwife, who did not receive inoculations,” Polis said. “You find that baby and identify them and I’ll be happy to have that discussion.”

“I hate to tell you but they show up in garbage cans around this country, sir,” he said.


Steve King must have a hell of a Christmas Nativity-scene.

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