Deja – ever damn time – vu

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Well once again Nancy Pelosi came through for Barack Obama in among the most unappreciated jobs by a Speaker in history (hard to believe that would be the fate of a woman, huh?). This time the House passed a stand alone repeal of DADT.

And now that Senator Jim DeMint has given up on having the new START treaty read in it’s entirety because he ran out of sudoku puzzles, it may well be that DADT repeal will get one last chance in the Senate.

Olympia Snowe has joined co-President Collins in saying she’ll vote for repeal so that’s 59 out of the required 60.

Leaving the fence sitters at Lisa Murkowski and Scott Brown, that is if Blanche Lincoln is done taking advantage of her last days of congressional dental insurance. Both have stated they’re inclined to repeal DADT, but you know that score. What the citizens want doesn’t matter when there’s a FoxNews talking point to consider.

It’s sad to have to put it this way, but how are we going to be have our “hopes” crushed on this one this time? Will it not even be voted on to save Jon Kyl’s Christmas?

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