Absolutely Fascinating

I interrupt my desire to pile on the Democratic Party — who deserve it in a fashion — by piling on the Republicans and the media, who really deserve it.

I’m sure you’ll all be tuned in to Barbara Walters ask her list of ‘fascinating’ people what kind of tree they’d like to be this year. But look who is still somehow fascinating:

BARBARA WALTERS: And Sarah Palin, for the third year, we have had Sarah Palin. Because every year, she does something fascinating.

For example, this is…so…um…fascinating:

On leaving her hunting camp one morning, Ms Palin pointed to the horizon and declared “Let’s go west.” There followed an awkward pause. “That’s east,” noted her father.

It’s really fascinating that she’s so shockingly stupid.

Sorry, I guess, I’ve offended Charles Blow and focused on Palin again, unlike Barbara Walters who is the soul of journalism. How fascinating.

My apologies.

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