OMG, some Democrats who fight

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In Iowa the election season saw the removal of three state Supreme Court judges because they ruled, correctly, that the Equal Protection Clause means, equal protection.

The incoming governor, former Governor for Life, now Governor for Second Life, Terry Branstad has determined that Constitutional interpretation needs to be decided by prejudice referendum leaving it up to which out-of-state group can pump the most money into the State’s business, preferably during a non-Presidential election year.

But one person fortunately stands in the way, and is preventing such an action, and for once it’s a Democrat, Majority Leader Mike Gronstal. And Branstad is having a Gingrich-like snit fit about it:

“Just because you’re a leader in the Legislature doesn’t mean you’re a dictator or you have the right to make unilateral decisions. And I think on an issue of this importance and magnitude a vote should be, certainly the senators should be given an opportunity to vote on it.”

But Gronstal has a response it would be nice to hear from the occasional national Democratic Party Leader:

“Dictators are people that make efforts to take away other people’s right. I’m not going down that road.”

Good for him, now back to our national display of spinelessness.

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