Breaking News: Bush still lying

Ah the Washington Post, editorializing in favor of bombing other nations and preparing for your standardized tests for more than a decade. But it still has a few saving graces.

Take Walter Pincus, who during the Bush Administration frequently pointed out the White House spin on military and intelligence matters was often patently false. Oh, he didn’t do this on the front page or the editorial page, he normally did this buried well into the paper, usually around page 17 or so, aka, “The Walter Pincus Page”.

Well in the wake of Bush’s “memoir” Mr. Pincus is still around to note his falsehoods and illogical arguments (or perhaps more accurately Bush’s quotes of others’ falsehoods and illogical arguments).

In one of several passages in the book where he questions his decisions, Bush writes that he should have pushed harder on the intelligence, but adds, “at the time the evidence and logic pointed in the other direction.” His most interesting personal reflection follows: “If Saddam doesn’t actually have WMD, I asked myself, why on earth would he subject himself to a war he most certainly will lose?”

Hussein did not have those weapons and the inspections were beginning to show it, but neither Bush nor most Americans at the time were prepared to accept the idea that it is almost impossible to prove a negative.

I don’t know about the ‘most Americans’ line, but otherwise it is accurate.

Oh, and it is on Page 29 of yesterday’s paper.

So Walter Pincus can’t even get on the Walter Pincus Page anymore.

You are serving your corporate masters well Fred Hiatt.

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