FDL’s Big Midterm Election Liveblog (Part Three): Dems Projected to Lose House

The House is burning down for Democrats tonight. (photo: Melinda Taber on Flickr)

Welcome to part three of FDL midterm election night liveblog (link to part one and part two). For the most recent list of FDL top 108 House races to watch tonight go here You can also find my list of the twelve House races in early closing states that should give you a sense of how the night will go look here.

The major networks have projected that Democrats will lose control of the House but the picture looks slightly better for them in the Senate, where Democrats are likely to keep control.

9:35 pm – Barney Frank (D) will keep his seat with no trouble.

9:37 pm – In Texas GOP Gov. Rick Perry won another term. This is a case of a good Democratic challenger running in just the wrong cycle.

9:47 pm – Roy Blunt (R) wins MO Sen race by a wide margin.

9:48 pm – NC-11 Democrat Heath Shuler will keep his seat.

9:51 pm – TX-17 Long term incumbent Chet Edwards (D) lost badly to Bill Flores. This is not a year to be a Democrat in a red district. This election is definitely seeming to push us towards more party-line voting.