Sarah Palin Still Deeply Confused about First Amendment

This again.

Remember, The Quitter also tweeted something similar when Dr. Laura was fired. And during the 2008 presidential campaign she said something even stupider, that receiving negative press coverage was tantamount to her Constitutional rights being abridged.

Let me make this simple for you, Quitter. If I were to walk into my boss’s office and call him a low-life, dim-witted asshole who molests collies, and he promptly fires me, I’m pretty sure my First Amendment Rights have not been trampled. In fact, I’ve exercised them!

In addition, people criticizing you for the things you say, including the press, is just them exercising theirs. See how easy that is?

Hope that clears things up for ya, you Originalist, Strict-Constructionist, Founding Father revering, Constitution-lovin’ gal.

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