Boardwalk Empire Episode 5 Watch Party

Tonight’s episode of Boardwalk Empire is “Nights in Ballygran,”  wherein we are told that “Eli, Margaret and Van Alden undermine Nucky’s attempts to usher in a joyous St. Patrick’s Day.”

The bootlegging business is booming for Nucky under alcohol prohibition, just as it is for a coterie of marijuana prohibition crooks.  The gangsters in the drug cartels are just a small part of the operation, though — don’t forget the gangsters known as “ex-DEA chiefs.”

Last week Just Say Now reported that Robert Bonner, one of the ex-DEA chiefs that has been running the anti-Prop 19 Reefer Madness hustle, has lucrative contracts with the Department of Homeland Security that find him profiting handsomely from the war on drugs.  Moreover, he’s on the Homeland Security Advisory Council’s Southwest Border Task Force — recommending policies that perpetuate the very programs that keep him raking in the cash.

Move over, Nucky.  The prohibition shakedown game has refined considerably since the 1920’s, but lucky for them the “beautiful, ignorant bastards” falling for they same cheap hustle haven’t.

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