Foreclosure Fraud: Every Affidavit a Fraud?

The scope of foreclosure fraud may not be limited to GMAC and not just to JPMorgan Chase; it may be every bank you can think of, including mortgages held by government-sponsored enterprises Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Any bank whose foreclosures have been handled by a law firm specializing in foreclosure services — a "foreclosure mill" — may be affected.

A paralegal at the foreclosure mill of David Stern gave a deposition to Florida’s Attorney General Bill McCollum’s office indicating that virtually every affidavit, assignment or other sworn document coming out of that firm is faked.

It’s over 100 pages, and it will curl your hair. Two thousand foreclosure files were processed each day by just this one firm and the entire lot appears to have been a sham. Go read the transcript for yourself. If this happened at one foreclosure mill, it’s hard to believe this wasn’t happening at all the other foreclosure mills.

Ohio’s attorney general is suing for $25,000 in fines for each fraudulent affidavit; at this rate, he could solve his state’s budget gap.

By the way, Florida’s assistant attorneys general conducted a very nice line of questioning; Mr. McCollum owes them a pat on the back. The states of Ohio and Florida are showing how it’s done, the rest of you states’ attorneys general and U.S. Attorneys need to get on the stick.

[F for Fraud – photo: ivers via Flickr]

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