Well, we’ve come some way

pic of the Stonewall Inn via jerekeys at Flickr.com
More than forty-one years ago the Stonewall Riots occurred, as a police raid in Greenwich Village was resisted.

But this weekend it was clear that the place is still not free of morons. Over the weekend two individuals went into the iconic Stonewall Inn and confronted and then attacked an individual, Benjamin Carver, because he was gay.

How did the police react forty-one years later?

On his blog, Carver had nothing but praise for the NYPD, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office and the EMS workers.

“I know people often complain about New Yorkers and their emergency services, but I will tell anyone that will listen that the term “New York’s Finest” actually means something,” he wrote.

The right-wing in this country goes out of its way to bash gays and lesbians (amongst others) but you cannot say that there is not occasionally progress and the fight for the future of this country isn’t worth fighting for when one compares how things went in 1969 and how things went now.

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