Our Liberal Media…part infinity

Sacred former Burlington Coat Factory location via _PaulS_ at flickr.com
In a post at Salon, 9/11 widow Alissa Torres relates her feelings on the “not-Mosque not-at-Ground Zero” matter — and in a movingly written post reveals she’s not only not opposed, she favors it. As do many others, not that you ever hear much about that.

She also makes the most relevant statement I’ve seen on the issue, from the point of personal experience:

…here is what’s been lost in this Park51 controversy: We are not experts, we are victims. We deserve to speak up, we need to speak up to acknowledge the pain and suffering, but we were never meant to be leaders in a national debate.

Torres discusses how as a 9/11 victim she belongs to a list-serv maintained for some 5,000 survivors. Back in May 2010, this is how those 5,000 were approached by a reporter on the Park51 project, which started this whole business:

“I’m doing story today about the proposed mosque project at the WTC site. I am interviewing the developers but I am also trying to look for family members who think building a mosque at the site is a bad idea.”

So fair, so balanced, so to be ignored by a Howard Kurtz.

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