The perfect lead in for Sarah Palin’s “Reality” show

We interrupt this lengthy and never ending factual-indictment of modern American politics for the truly important news.

Facing criticism that the cable-network once known as “The Learning Channel” had become too dependent on shows about human termite-queens, “little people”, and people so intelligent they still didn’t know they were pregnant after giving birth, “TLC” has tried it’s best to class up the joint.

No, not Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

But this, something of a natural pairing with Palin’s show, and something she and Glenn Beck can watch together:

Or as it’s known at TLC, the other show about “hoarders” — um, that isn’t about Kate Gosselin, the Duggars, or called “The Little Hoarders“.

If TLC is able to finding some height-challenged, tattoo-addicted, Mormon-polygamist sect that doesn’t know how its very many babies were made, we can finally see who gets raptured around this country.

And now back to your local cross Quran burning, unleash “U.S.A.!” chant.

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