Any day now, he'll get Chuck Grassley on board.

From the President’s Labor Day speech yesterday in Wisconsin.

From a stage at the Summerfest grounds in Maier Festival Park, Obama spoke animatedly as he described the GOP as the party of “No We Can’t,” contrasting that with his campaign slogan from 2008, “Yes We Can.” He said Republicans disagree with everything he says. “If I said the sky is blue, they’d say no,” Obama said. “If I said fish live in the sea, they’d say no.”


And if that wasn’t readily apparent after he won the election in November, it should’ve been glaringly obvious to him after zero House Republicans voted for a watered-down, too small stimulus bill.

So my question is: why did the White House let Max Baucus screw around for most of 2009 trying to win Republican support for health care reform?