“Where’s my victory parade?”

Two plus year-old picture from talkradionews at flickr.com
Though it was hardly inspirational — in that it wasn’t buttressed by Friedman Units — Obama’s speech last night was at least accurate in that, unlike many political speeches, it alluded to a small bit of honesty (amongst the rest of the detritus) in not declaring victory. And AP’s Holly Bailey was not amused!

How do you mark the milestone of a campaign promise fulfilled when what has happened in Iraq isn’t exactly “mission accomplished”? It was an obstacle that Obama never quite overcame in his 18-minute speech, which was remarkably disjointed for a president well known for his eloquence.

There’s no good way to justify a gigantic fuck-up Holly (see this space in about one-year for Afghanistan…and that’s being optimistic). Though apparently Ms. Bailey isn’t able to grasp reality in nearby paragraphs, after noting Iraq is still not at all safe, nor stable, she makes sure to get in the fiction she’s supposed to dispense:

He did not mention he opposed the 2007 troop surge that was widely credited for turning the Iraq effort around.

Does anyone proofread at the AP? — never mind, they don’t care. Here’s a clue Holly, ethnic cleansing was the mission of the insurgency and that mission was accomplished by then. I guess they just forgot to rent an Aircraft Carrier to let you know.

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