A Treasury of Republican Tolerance

First Amendment AND Second Amendment Scholarship:

For those scoring at home (and if so, why are you reading a blog?) that’s “N-word” no big deal, “retarded” crime against humanity. And using firearm comparisons again, it’s the well-conceived Byron De La Beckwith school of analogies, classy.

And about that First Amendment, for them but not for “them”:

Yes, it’s totally about slandering a few million Americans (and a billion plus globally), so I can be a flag-waving hypocrite.

But, as Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway once asked, where is the love? Not in Iowa state races it appears:

No confirmation yet over whether Jeremy (and really congrats from Jason) made these posts between large helpings of batter-dipped shrimp from Long John Silvers.  Maybe he should ask Newt what Leviticus says about adultery (I’m guessing off on a technicality)?

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