Feeling de-based?

Robert Gibbs and his remaining professional left friends. Pic from studio08denver
Ah yes, it really does appear that ol’ Rahm and company including the President had the GENIUS idea that what you really, need to do is insult your already disenchanted base by spewing right-wing talking points about them.

Good job fellas, makes me want to really get out the old checkbook or work the phone list.

I make no claims to be a policy wonk, I’m just a guy who writes blog posts as therapy. But even I know it is time you guys do nothing but kiss our left-wing asses the next three months. It’s what you do to avoid 24 months of checking the kerning on your certificate of live birth and investigating Michelle’s socialist triceps. And just think about how it has come to that. It’s reached that point even though the competition is a ‘Costco Warehouse of Crazy’.

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