Late Late Night FDL: When Magoo Flew

When Magoo Flew starring Mr. Magoo.  This Columbia Pictures UPA cartoon was released in 1954 and won an Academy Award for Best Short Subject in 1955.

Directed by Pete Burness.  Produced by Stephen Bosustow.  Story by Barbara Avedon (as Barbara Hammer) and Tedd Pierce.  Production Management by Herbert Klynn.  Art Department design by Sterling Sturtevant.  Animation by Rudy Larriva, Tom McDonald, and Cecil Surry.  Animation Color by Bob McIntosh.  Voices by Jim Backus (Mr. Magoo).  Original Music by Hoyt Curtin.

Grab your popcorn, put your feet up on the seatback in front of ya, and no spitballs aimed at the ushers please. This is Late Late Night FireDogLake, where off topic is the topic … so dive in. What’s on your mind?

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