It’s over, just in time for “Soccer” Season

Well, the World Cup wrapped up yesterday, and the people of England are going to have to put up with just cricket to follow for an interminable month before the Premier League starts again — so about one Cricket match (ah, cricket jokes, America’s only experience involving cricket).

But as the the kind of “football” that actually intimately involves the “foot” comes to a temporary end (tapas for all!), there were some numbers before the weekend that stood out as the losers of the tournament were assessed:

Glenn Beck: Beck on soccer: “I hate it so much, probably because the rest of the world likes it so much.”

* Estimated American viewers who watched Glenn Beck on June 18: 1.39 million.
* Estimated American viewers who watched USA vs. Ghana on June 26: 19.4 million.
* Estimated American viewers who watched that game in Spanish: 4.5 million.

Wait, a minute 1.39 million? Less than a year ago, Beck had more than 3 million viewers. He has made nearly two million people too ignorant to use a remote — the most basic biological function of the American male.

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