Late Night: Marco Rubio’s Fact-Free Anti-Union Rant

Marco Rubio (photo: DavidAll06 on Flickr)

Marco Rubio (BP-FL) went on Faux News the other day and belched up this weird tirade against labor.

SULLIVAN: What do you make of the big [campaign] spending by unions?

MARCO RUBIO, R-FLA. SENATORIAL CANDIDATE: It doesn’t surprise us. There’s an agenda here in this country among some on the left to expand the role of government, to convert America into a European-style economy. […] We can either become like Western Europe and go down the road that they’re on right now, or we can cling and hold onto the things that have made us exceptional and unique, such as the free enterprise system, which has made Americans the most prosperous people in all of human history.

Uh, what?

First, making the EU sound like some kind of backwoods economic hellhole an odd choice, since it’s a) the world’s largest economy and b) very popular in the US.

But the ideas that unions are not part of the “free enterprise system” – and that union membership is inversely proportional to economic prosperity — are objectively very silly bullshit, indeed.

It’s pretty frightening that we could wind up with Rubio, Rand Paul and Sharron Angle in the US Senate next year.

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