New Gallup Poll: Tea Partiers Think Blacks are Poor Because They’re Lazy

by Pargon

Back in April, a University of Washington study found that the Teabaggers had serious issues with race.

It [the UW study] found that those who are racially resentful, who believe the U.S. government has done too much to support blacks, are 36 percent more likely to support the tea party than those who are not.

Then there was that CBS/NYT poll.

…white Tea Party supporters were more likely to believe that “the Obama administration favors blacks over whites” and that “too much has been made of the problems facing black people.”

Well, Gallup just found similar results.

Those who embrace the Tea Party movement are much less likely than others to see discrimination as a threat to the nation’s future and a hurdle for minorities. More than three in four say racial minorities have equal job opportunities; half of non-Tea Party supporters agree. They overwhelmingly reject the notion that economic disparities between blacks and whites are mainly the result of discrimination.

Nearly half say blacks lag in jobs, income and housing “because most African Americans just don’t have the motivation or willpower to pull themselves up out of poverty.”

In other news, cats found to dislike dogs.

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