Late Late Night FDL: Pure Imagination

Gene Wilder —  Pure Imagination. from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Late Late Night FDL is Late Late Night FDL because of our imagination.  We huddle around the cyber-campfire at the lake every night, talking to each other with our keyboards about our day, the weather, recipes, politics, or anything we want to talk about.  We dive into the lake, hand each other towels, complain about water splashed onto our keyboards, and point out the location of the brain bleach buttons to those who need it when they are in need of brain bleach.  We feed the imaginary jukebox imaginary quarters to create the soundtrack of Late Late Night FDL.

All in our imagination — we have created our safe harbor in the night by using the servers, moderators, and editors provided by Firedoglake.  We have used this time, the oh-dark-hundred quiet of the night, to form a community that cares about each other in spite of our differences; one that cheers on those who need support, lends a collective shoulder to cry on when confronted by life’s tragedies, and we celebrate (oh boy do we celebrate) big events and small victories.

I know that many of us can’t afford to donate and I don’t want anyone who can’t afford to toss a few dollars into the fundraiser to do so.  But many of us can afford to give a small donation to help keep the hamster wheel servers going and all the other costs associated with running Firedoglake.  If you have donated, thank you so very much.

What’s on your mind?

[Ed. Note: Great thanks to Suzanne for this post. We’re a little more than halfway to our fundraising goal of at least $50,000 for Firedoglake by June 30. It’s critical we raise these funds by the end of the month to continue to provide our unique mix of independent journalism, analysis, and advocacy. Please chip in $10, $20, $50, or whatever you can afford to help us reach our goal.]

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