Those were the days

photo from poloballs at flickr
Once upon a time, until my early middle-age, what now exists nation-wide as BP existed in most of the country as Amoco — Standard Oil of Indiana. It strode the Midwest as a colossus and spent most of its domestic criminal time simply trying kill people one-at-a-time by having marble fall off it’s giant over-compensating monolith in Chicago.

Yes, those were the days, when like Union Carbide, the patriotic corporations only tried to commit their greater crimes abroad. For instance, in the in the last quarter of the 20th century Amoco launched sister ships of mass destruction to take out France and then, in turn, Italy.

But then BP bought out Amoco, and suddenly the oil disasters make it to this country.

It’s almost as if this stuff starts wars and causes environmental disaster, irrespective of arbitrary international borders and politics and perhaps we should find a way to rid ourselves of its curse?


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