Glenn Greenwald on ABC’s “This Week” Watching Party

Glenn Greenwald is on ABC’s This Week this morning with host Jake Tapper, starting at 10am.

Pat Leahy and Jeff Sessions will be discussing Elana Kagan’s nomination to the Supreme Court. Then an extended panel will take up the topic, including Greenwald, George Will and Helene Cooper of the New York Times. Greg Craig, former Obama White House Counsel (now representing Goldman Sachs) will give the administration spin, and former Bush counselor Enron Ed Gillespie will give the GOP talking points.

The panel will also discuss Hamid Karzai’s visit to Washington DC, and this week’s upcoming primary battles in Arkansas, Pennsylvania and Kentucky. Will we soon be uttering the words “former Senator Arlen Specter?”

ABC’s David Chalian is live tweeting, and Politifact will fact check the show afterwards. We’ll be live blogging in the comments.

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