Neo-Con-Man Obama

When the neo-con-man Barack Obama opens millions of acres in the Gulf of Mexico and elsewhere for offshore drilling, he isn’t really an anti-environmental shit-head like George W. Bush.

He’s only appeasing "moderate Republicans," who may vote for his ridiculously weak climate bill.

(Except they won’t.)

And when the neo-con-man Barack Obama intensifies our hopeless war in Afghanistan, he isn’t really a chicken-hawk mass-murderer like George W. Bush.

He’s only making peace by making more war, or withdrawing our brave soldiers from Afghanistan by sending in tens of thousands more of them, or some other self-contradictory bullshit!

And when the Harry-and-Louise-lovin’ con-man Obama takes single-payer off the table before debate about healthcare reform even begins, because it would be impossible to override a filibuster of single-payer, and Democrats would have to resort to passing single-payer by "reconciliation," and then…

Obama and the Democrats pass their turd of a healthcare reform bill by "reconciliation" anyway…

Democrats aren’t really Republicans Lite who ran an anti-government shithead like George W. Bush for President.

Democrats are defenders of the people, and Obama is our hero!

And even though Obama’s main financial backer for the US Senate and Financial Director of his Presidential campaign is a multi-billionaire banker even crookeder than Kenny Lay…

Obama isn’t really a devious and corrupt corporate flunky like George W. Bush.

Obama is not what he is, and he is what he ain’t!

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