Feel free to draw broad analogies

Photo via News Corpse
Because you know the brave-hearted members of Congress and pundits will.

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Democrat Alan Mollohan became the first member of the U.S. House to be ousted this spring primary season, after his opponent mounted a campaign that questioned the 14-term congressman’s ethics and support for federal health care reform.

Yeah, that first part will be missed by the talking heads entirely. Meanwhile his opponent in the general dispatched two full-out teabaggers. So we know where Don Blankenship’s money will be going…to both.

Yes, this will be talked about, well the first part anyway — while this is ignored entirely:

Calling President Obama a “socialist” may not carry the punch some of his opponents had hoped for, given a new poll that found Americans are “not so negative” about the word and young people have essentially the same feelings about “socialism” as they do the word “capitalism.”

No word on how much Vaseline Glenn Beck had to put on his eyelids last night.

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