Good thing this wasn’t Maricopa County

New information about the Times Square bomber is being revealed including, as usual, his rank incompetence; even after all that “special training” in Pakistan.  The incompetence of most terrorists is the most under reported aspect of their existence. But if that was reported on we might not be so easily frightened into ceding the Bill of Rights away. It also can be combined with rank bigotry to win a primary, right John McCain?

Meanwhile, if the guy who thought he could blow up propane tanks had tried something in Phoenix, the Nissan Pathfinder of Death Moderate Inconvenience would still be double-parked. Why? Because Joe Arpaio and crew would still be busy hassling the immigrant who reported suspicious activity:

…the man who first noticed the smoking Nissan Pathfinder and sought help is also Muslim, a Senegalese immigrant

That man is Aliou Niasse. The classic American story right?

Of course it is, but this being America, there is already a dispute about who was first between Mr. Niasse and two other street vendors. Somewhere Mark Burnett is ready to cast all three and Sully Sullenberger in next year’s ‘Apprentice‘ where Donald Trump will tell them how much more heroic he is.

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