Sprechen sie Douche?

So much idiocy, so few good orifice-related adjectives:

In a news conference in Charleston, company officials also pointed a finger back at the federal regulators who had repeatedly cited them for safety violations before an explosion killed 29 miners on April 5.

Hey, only 47 of the most serious type of violation orders in the last five months…it’s not like there was any wrongdoing on the company’s part. Those 52 people who have died on Massey property the last decade, just the cost of bigger bonuses for management doing business.

Meanwhile, John McCain profile in courage:

…the [Arizona immigration] law is so hard to defend that Sen. John McCain, facing a hard-right primary challenge from a supporter of the measure, spoke a few words of praise but nevertheless could not bring himself to cheer the new police powers.

Close enough for Richard Cohen.

And finally, the Mickey Kaus for Senate “jugg-er-naught” continues to build up impressive endorsements and organize a workable Dungeons & Dragons campaign team:

Thanks to Victor Davis Hanson for the endorsement.

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