They’re here, they’re beered, get used to it

Recent polling on the ‘Teabagger’ movement has been released and there are two things that are quite evident.

First, the movement is made up primarily of Republicans and people who think Jonah Goldberg is an intellectual.

A Sunday poll — actually three national phone surveys of 1,000 registered voters — found that 17% of all polled, or more than 500, called themselves “part of the Tea Party movement.”

…The Tea Party adherents broke down 28% independent, 17% Democrat and only 57% Republican.

Zell Miller’s got a big family.

Second, the movement is really unpopular with the public as a whole (ironically JUST as popular as “socialism”).

…only 37% of Americans view Teabaggery favorably.

But enough with the statistics, like a good teabagger, allow me to summarize in pictures rather than those commie “words”:

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