Late Late Night FDL: Badyear Blimp Race

Tom Slick in The Badyear Blimp Race.  This 1967 Jay Ward Productions cartoon aired as a segment on the George of The Jungle Show.

Directed by Bill Hurtz.  Produced by Betty Brenon, Jan Gusdavison, and Doris Nelson.  Executive Producers:  Ponsonby Britt, O.B.E., Jay Ward, and Bill Scott.  Created by Allan Burns.  Animation by Bob Bachman, Howard Baldwin, Herman Cohen, Phil Duncan, Bob Goe, Fred Madison, Bob Maxfield, Gary Mooney, Barrie Nelson, Jack Schnerk, Rod Scribner, Rudy Zamora, and Alan Zaslove.  Backgrounds by Sam Clayberger, Bob McIntosh, and Gloria Wood.  Written by Chris Jenkyns, Jim MacGeorge, John Marshall, Jack Mendelsohn, and Lloyd Turner.  Edited by Skip Craig and Roger Donley.  Supervising Production by Helen Hansen.  Design by Sam Cornell, Don Ferguson, Don Jurwich, Bob Kurtz, Roy Morita, Rosemary O’Connor, and Shirley Silvey.  Vocal Talent by Bill Scott (Tom Slick, Gertie Growler, Danny Druff, Man with No Guests, Man), June Foray (Marigold), Paul Frees (Race Caller, Baron Otto Matic), and Daws Butler (Stretch Snapback, Clutcher, Fledge Sparrow).  Music by Stan Worth and Sheldon Allman.

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