Manager’s Amendment to Reconciliation Sidecar Released

The House Rules Committee released a nine-page “manager’s amendment” incorporating a series of changes to the reconciliation text that came out earlier this week. It looks mainly technical in nature, and my Congress-speak isn’t perfect, so I’m delving into this a bit more and will report back anything worth reporting.

…Page 5 talks about $400 million dollars available for “qualifying hospitals” in fiscal years 2011 and 2012. What is a “qualifying hospital”?

The term ‘‘qualifying hospital’’ means a subsection (d) hospital (as defined for purposes of section 1886(d) of the Social Security Act) that is located in a county that ranks, based upon its ranking in age, sex, and race adjusted spending for benefits under parts A and B under title XVIII of such Act per enrollee, within the lowest quartile of such counties in the United States.

Low-income hospitals (and that probably goes to more rural hospitals than you think) getting some $.