And the next laughably bad candidate is…

Mickey Kaus, Slate’s primary “driveler” (and that’s saying something) is going to run against Barbara Boxer in the California Democratic Primary. All in the name of making the Democratic Party even more Republican!

But Kaus, thanks to important questions posed by Atrios, has some skeletons in his barn …

Mickey Kaus, in one or more of your guts, you know he’s a putz.

And speaking of putzes, who could have anticipated Fred Hiatt would concern troll on Bibi Netanyahu’s behalf?

A larger question concerns Mr. Obama’s quickness to bludgeon the Israeli government. He is not the first president to do so; in fact, he is not even the first to be hard on Mr. Netanyahu. But tough tactics don’t always work

Like bombing other third-world nations because your propaganda says you should, right Fred?

Honestly, “bludgeon” now equals demanding a country not to violate international law and follow the requests of every American President since Nixon. But bombing and occupying a country because of mythical weapons is a-okay.

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