“It’s not McCarthyism if I get to be Tailgunner Joe”

Marc Thiessen and Rummy dwell upon their heroism
The ‘liberal Post Editorial Page’s’ latest hire, Marc Thiessen is out there to prove his hippy punching bona fides by beating up James Madison:

One lawyer in the National Security Division of Holder’s Justice Department, Jennifer Daskal, has written that any terrorist not charged with a crime “should be released from Guantanamo’s system of indefinite detention” even though “at least some of these men may … join the battlefield to fight U.S. soldiers and our allies another day.” Should a lawyer who advocates setting terrorists free, knowing they may go on to kill Americans, have any role in setting U.S. detention policy? My hunch is that most Americans would say no.

Do other lawyers in question hold similarly radical and dangerous views?

First of all, nice loading of the assumptions before the actual quotes there a-hole. Second, how awful, an American lawyer believing in the American Constitution [Article I, Sec. 9] — how radical and dangerous! And those known radicals on the Supreme Court have agreed with them.

Surely, only Marc Thiessen understands that “FoxNews Facts” trump the Constitution every time. So bring on the McCarthyism from the man who describes torturers as his real heroes.

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