They’re pretty sure he’s an American

Well, he's got quite a beard -- close enough
Well, they’ve captured somebody in Pakistan:

Pakistani officials have contradicted each other on whether the suspect is Adam Gadahn, 31, who has appeared in videos threatening the West. Two intelligence officers and a senior government official identified the detained man Sunday as Gadahn. However, a different official Monday said the suspect was an American, but not Gadahn.

He might be this guy:

American and Pakistani officials said the man arrested was Abu Yahya Mujahdeen al-Adam, who was described as having been born in Pennsylvania

In any case they are pretty confident he’s an American because he’s overweight, is so certain about everything, doesn’t like soccer, keeps complaining about what’s available on cable, insists he’s just a re-enactor preparing for Comic-Con, and is inappropriately loud when demanding everybody speak English.

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