Blanche Lincoln Responds to Ad Criticism by Lashing Out at Labor

Bill Halter’s campaign points out that Blanche Lincoln’s remarkably bad new spot — in which she rails against “money for Wall Street” — is misleading, to say the least.

In fact Senator Lincoln voted to fund a massive, no-strings-attached bailout for Wall Street on October 1, 2008 when she voted for H.R. 1424, the Troubled Asset Relief Fund, also known as TARP, Halter said in the statement.

Senator Lincoln has received over a million dollars from the exact special interests she claims to be saying no to. Taking their money and claiming to fight for average Arkansans just doesn’t wash. That is not how Lieutenant Governor Halter does business,” said Halter spokesperson Bud Jackson.

So Blanche responds like she always does. She trashes the left.

“If we want to talk about misleading advertising, we might look at Bill’s first ad,” Patterson said. “It puts a football in his hands and highlights his humble roots when, in fact, he’s a multimillionaire who somehow talked labor unions into paying off a half-million-dollar campaign debt to himself with the union dues of their members so he can run for higher office.

Uh-huh. AFL-CIO’s support of Halter has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that Blanche screwed them on EFCA and screwed them on Craig Becker. It’s all because Bill Halter “somehow” talked them into it.

How many more traditional Democratic constituents Blanche can alienate before election day? She’s off to a great start.

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