Accountability Now was started in 2008 for the express purpose of recruiting primary challengers who would hold entrenched members of the DC establishment accountable for their actions. Too often incumbents hold a stranglehold on their local party machines, and without hope of significant backing the candidates with the political experience to potentially defeat them did not want to risk their careers and challenge them.

Blanche Lincoln stands for everything that’s wrong with both parties: her primary loyalty is to her DC cohorts and her corporate donors, and she thinks it’s her job to pick the taxpayer pocket on their behalf.

We are delighted that our efforts to draft Bill Halter and organize institutional support for his campaign led to his decision to enter the race. We look forward to working with the groups in Accountability Now and the people of Arkansas to support him in this race and to see him sworn in as the next Senator from Arkansas.

Donate to Halter’s campaign here.