‘The Party’ is over, but the weenies remain

It appears that while pushing for war upon war will keep you employed at the Washington Post forever; harassment won’t hurt your career, and heck, supporting war crimes seems to look good on your resume.

And while no one ever said Sally Quinn didn’t wreck a home for nothing, it appears that after years of stories that would get anyone else terminated, Sally finally may have gone too far in writing about her “terrible” step-children’s mother.

[Washington Post Executive Editor Marcus] Brauchli e-mailed City Desk a statement saying the following about Quinn’s execrable column, “The Party”: “Sally and I have agreed that the column will return to what had been its original focus on faith, family and entertaining and will appear online at “On Faith,” a section of washingtonpost.com that Sally guides.”

So no more print columns for the Village’s hostess.

What this situation calls for is a good Ombudsperson!

Now there’s somebody who knows when to get the hell out of town. Ol’ Ombuds Andy has worked hard for those finger-sandwiches they serve at Sally’s parties and he’s not going back to cutting off his own crust!

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