Late Late Night FDL: Atchison Topeka & Sam Jose

This week’s cartoon is Atchison, Topeka & Sam Jose starring Ricochet Rabbit and Droop-Along.  This Hanna Barbera cartoon was released on January 14, 1964.

Produced and Directed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera.  Production Supervision by Howard Hanson.  Animated by Kenneth Muse, Irv Spence, George Goepper, Dick Lundy, Hugh Fraser, and Harvey Toombs.  Animation Direction by Charles A. Nichols. Written by Tony Benedict, Warren Foster, and Dalton Sandifer.  Story Direction by Alex Lovy, Lew Marshall, and Paul Sommer.  Edited by Greg Watson, Don Douglas, and Larry Cowan.  Music by Hoyt S. Curtin.  Theme Song by Nelson Brock.  Layout by Dick Bickenbach, Jack Huber, and Iwao Takamoto.  Backgrounds by F. Montealegre and Robert Gentle.  Cameras by Frank Paiker, Charles Flekal, Norman Stainback, and Roy Wade.  Vocal Talent by Don Messick (Ricochet Rabbit) and Mel Blanc (Droop-a-long).

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