Please excuse me, but I’m paid to just write crap

If he can wink, he might be a match for Palin
Apparently, in between Broder columns and Palin Op-Eds the Washington Post has just given up trying to live in our reality and moved in with much of the New Republic.

For example,Charles Lane, on Evan Bayh’s departure from the Senate:

Quitting the Senate was a no-lose move for the presidentially ambitious Bayh, since he can now crawl away from the political wreckage for a couple of years, plausibly alleging that he tried to steer the party in a different direction — and then be perfectly positioned to mount a centrist primary challenge to Obama in 2012, depending on circumstances.

Yeah, right Charles, a Democratic primary challenge to Obama from “the right” — “depending on the circumstances” — probably the same kind of “circumstances” that could deliver you a Pulitzer Prize.

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