Own a piece of imbecilic history

skull and bonesWho would not want to possess the juvenile bullshit of the swells after 125 plus years of indecency?

A human skull that apparently was turned into a ballot box for Yale’s mysterious Skull and Bones society is going on the auction block.

Christie’s estimates the skull will sell for $10,000 to $20,000 when it is auctioned on Jan. 22. Fittingly, the auction house has agreed to keep the seller’s name a secret.

It’s like the entire Bush family learned particular lessons they’d apply to brown people the world over.

And you cannot tell me that George W. Bush didn’t make use of this special bit of debasement:

The skull is fitted with a hinged flap

Just think how many politicians and Wall Street Bankers prepared for what they later did to the rest of us by what they did to that skull.

UPDATE: Speaking of Connecticut (and unrelated to Joe Lieberman) Chris Dodd joins Byron Dorgan on the retiring Democratic Senators list. So which Republican will Joe Lieberman endorse?

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