Who’s in the Portland Metro Area? Real Life De-Lurking

The internet is a fine place to collaborate and convene, but it’s hardly a perfect substitute for cooperating and advocating together in real life.

If we’re going to make change, we’re going to have to work local, and for FDL does do; it can’t be on top of every opportunity for local organizing.

My hope with this diary is to put out a request for people who are in and around the Portland Metro area to add a comment, so we can start that process of figuring out how to come together in our local community, and engage each other in-person the way we do online.

Please feel free to announce your presence, and definitely provide ideas for why, how, when, and where we can all get together.

There’s no way for me to reach back out to you guys based on only your FDL screen names in most cases, and there might be plenty of readers who don’t have accounts at all, so I’ve setup an address where I can be reached, so you don’t have to share your contact information on this public forum, or if you’re more comfortable with Facebook, I’m on there too:

  • nospam.nathan@gmail.com
  • http://www.facebook.com/nathan.aschbacher

Here’s to putting a local face on FDL, cheers!

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