America’s Concern Troll — Special Edition

concern-troll.thumbnailSo often of late, I have put something up on Monday Nights for my early Tuesday posts here at the ranch (oh, I do love inaccurate non-sexual metaphors!). There are a few reasons for this, I stay up to watch football (my Tirico-Time) or I catch up on my button collection. So I’ve missed that moment when Richard Cohen’s Tuesday column graces the Washington Post editorial page.

Sad, isn’t it?

But yesterday, we were given a “special gift'” by Cohen. He tore himself away from whatever else he does in life, I’m guessing sudoku, to comment on Obama’s Nobel Speech.

And, as you might expect, Cohen managed to get all his pettiness down to a single sentence:

But neither was this a man who could point to his own life as an example of almost anything.

Now this wasn’t a statement about Obama’s policies, of which there is much, very much, that could be criticized. It was about Obama as a cipher (an allegation Cohen would never make about Bush) and about the Nation that elected him and what it represents as the same, classy slanders against both.

Maybe Cohen will feel different if Obama gets a few sex harassment complaints leveled against him?

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