It’s What They Do Best

McCarthy and his listOh, those Republicans, they do love making lists…

A group of conservative Republican leaders is proposing a solution to the internecine warfare over what the party should stand for: a 10-point checklist gauging proper adherence to core principles like opposing government financing for abortion and, more generally, President Obama’s “socialist agenda.”

Oh, they’re makin’ a list
won’t edit it twice,
gonna find out
who’s crazy and white
Righty Clause is comin’
to town…

Ah yes, the ultimate litmus test. How quaint. Presciently, Pudentilla at Skippy summed the list up best:

an american conservative is someone who believes that

a) the vatican ought to decide our domestic policy;
b) israel ought to decide our foreign policy;
c) communist china ought to decide our economic policy; and
d) osama bin ladin ought to decide who gets tried in our courts.

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