broder regularityYou can’t have conventional wisdom in Washington without David Broder cutting and pasting his column from 1961, 1965, 1977, and 1993. If it’s an off-year election (or a day ending in “Y”) it’s always good news for Republicans.

Tuesday’s defeats in gubernatorial elections in Virginia and New Jersey not only ended a decade or more of Democratic gains in those states but also signaled possible trouble ahead in the midterm elections at the national level.

This calls for extensive and exclusive quotes from a Blue Dog Democrat and a Republican operative:

Rep. Jim Cooper of Tennessee, a leader of the moderate-conservative “Blue Dogs,” called the result “a wake-up call for Congress. A tidal wave could be coming.”…

Jim’s apparently seen the latest Roland Emmerich trailer, with prerequisite African-American President…

Former Republican congressman Vin Weber said he sees the Democrats in “a difficult position.

Oh dear, I guess it’s back to missionary for the rest of us Mr. Broder.

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