Oh, I think that’s a winner

In the wake of all the news the other day, and the not news, a few of you may have missed this.

Former George W. Bush Administration, Chief of Staff, Andrew Card has dipped his toe into the water to run for Ted Kennedy’s vacant Senate seat because who is more popular in Massachusetts than a conservative Republican?

Card may be joining former vagabond pitcher Kurt Schilling who truly understands the thoughts and concerns of all Massachusetts multi-millionaires via what he has absorbed listening to Rush Limbaugh. We also know his campaign strategy will be to waive the "bloody sock". Like his intellectual predecessor Jim Bunning of Kentucky, Schilling was a great pitcher. In Boston, can make you popular. But I think it’s fair to note that Andrew Card is also very, very popular in Massachusetts.

Godspeed gentlemen — and enjoy your future FoxNews gigs with Cavuto when it is over.

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