What Madness Hath Preston Brooks Wrought?

ch13brooksattack.thumbnail.jpgI don’t want to demonize South Carolina here, but what the hell is going on with your politicians, people? Seriously. It’s not just Joe Wilson’s incredibly impolitic outburst last night. (It also doesn’t help matters that Wilson is a proud Neoconfederate and active member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.)

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford made a savage mockery of his office when he refused to step down after his traipse along the Appalachian Trail and the state’s legislature’s subsequent attempt to impeach him.

Do I even need to list Strom Thurmond’s offenses? I think not.

Perhaps it’s time for South Carolina’s politicians to move past Preston Brooks‘ beatdown on Charles Sumner back in 1856 (Sumner had the audacity to criticize President Franklin Pierce’s pro-slavery position) and learn a little 21st century decorum. Just sayin’.

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