Suck it

This just may be the most reprehensible column of a long and enabling career.

Looming beyond the publicized cases of these relatively low-level operatives is the fundamental accountability question: What about those who approved of their actions? If accountability is the standard, then it should apply to the policymakers and not just to the underlings. Ultimately, do we want to see Cheney, who backed these actions and still does, standing in the dock?

Of course, David Broder does not. ‘L’Etat, c’est Dick!

It doesn’t matter who got raped, or threatened with powertools, we just cannot have people called to account in America for what they do — in the name of all-holy bipartisanship. The kind of position you would expect from Broder’s fellow quail devourer Karl Rove.

He goes on to remind us that Bill Clinton lying about a blowjob was a disgrace that required resignation.

So war crimes get a pass while being disingenuous about foreplay is a crime against humanity. Got it.

He ends on a different subject though it should apply all around:

I made an egregious error…I should have known better.

Indeed you should.

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