For Californians; but some of this applies to the national issue(s)

This link is addressed to those who live in California (the world’s seventh largest nation in terms of ‘GDP’) but the following from the link seems applicable to the nation(meaning you can see similar ‘themes’ on the national level):
"A new majority in our nation, and a 60% voter majority in California, repudiated the conservative ideology of deregulation and privatization and embraced a more robust government role, including greater support for social services. Yet in California, Democratic leaders remain marooned in a Bush era retreat in the face of a small block of conservative lawmakers that insist on cutting government, regardless of the harm to education, seniors, the poor and the middle class.

Of course California has terribly undemocratic two-thirds super majority budget and tax rules. This super-majority requirement gives extraordinary power to a small minority of lawmakers that refuse to support any proposal except a “cuts only” budget.

For lawmakers whose only reflex is to make a deal, the two-thirds budget rule is the conversation stopper. For organizers, the two-thirds budget rule is where the conversation begins. The question we should ask is how do we change the debate, and build a movement for budget fairness and democratic rule?

(Sound familiar?)

This will be a very long campaign that cannot be launched as long as progressives retain the bunker mentality that has kept us entirely focused on fighting (often against Democratic leaders) to slow the hemorrhaging in each round of budget givebacks.

Progressive organizations must recognize that working the inside deal to protect one sector’s fund¬ing even at the expense of other vulnerable communities only strengthens the governor and the minority party’s cutback goal."

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